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Supernatural Celebrates Season 13 on Twitter!

Yes as most of you have probably heard, Supernatural got a very early pickup for season 13! Go show! The renewal was announced in amongst other CW shows as part the the CW TCA panel.

Via EW

Supernatural and the entire DC superhero lineup.

Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Supernatural, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and Jane the Virgin have all been renewed for the 2017-2018 season, the network announced at the Television Critics Association’s press tour on Sunday.

“Over the past several seasons, The CW has built a schedule of proven performers, from our lineup of DC superheroes, to critically acclaimed comedies, to sci-fi dramas,” CW President Mark Pedowitz said. “Early pickups of these seven series now allow our producers to plan ahead for next season, and gives us a solid base to build on for next season, with original scripted series to roll out all year long.”

Supernatural‘s renewal for season 13 continues its streak as the longest-running show in CW (and The WB) history. Previously, 7th Heaven held the honour, ending after 11 seasons. 

Yep! Season 13... the little show that could.

And Mark Pedowitz, head of the CW, once again reminded us that the show has his support at the network...

The early renewal bought out a celebratory mood with cast, crew, writers and producers heading to twitter to celebrate...

Even Stephen Amell got into the celebrations!

Eric Kripke celebrated the show he created and never thought would go this far, along with writers and showrunners past and present.

Robbie and Jensen got into a little back and forth!

And lots of crew where cheering too!

Even Baby had something to say!

So the show that didn't think it would come back for season 2, or season 3, that hoped it might make it to season 5, was surprised by season now heading towards season 13...

You know, Supernatural has changed my life in ways that is sometimes hard for me to understand. Through friendships, creativity and inspiration. It's made me look at myself in a much more positive way and be a more open and accepting person. It's got me through bad times and brightened bright days even more. It will be a part of me forever, etched into my heart (and on to my skin); a flash of lightning in my life that illuminates my skies. I will never have an experience like this again, nor do I want one, this one is special and it can never be replicated or replaced. I feel blessed to have had my favourite show in my life for as long as I have. Blessed by every "son of a bitch", "so get this", assbutt, "hello boys", "SAMMMMM", "DEEEEAAAAN", by every ROAD SO FAR and every Carry on Wayward Son. And I will celebrate this show, and the people who bring it to me, until that final moment of that final episode, whenever that may be, and then I'll continue to celebrate it, because for me, Supernatural will never truly finish, because as long as there are DVDs, or digital files, or reruns, Sam and Dean will always be there, saving people and hunting things, having each other's back and mine.

So congratulations Supernatural on your renewal for season 13, what a bloody amazing achievement. 


Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Review - Supernatural 12x08 LOTUS - The Midseason Finale!

Oh hellatus…how I don’t like you, like at all! Just over one week without a new ep and I’m already whimpering a little! Doesn’t help that we were left with a WTAF cliffhanger! Doesn’t help that I watched the promo for the next ep and went “WHELP!” It made me sad and a little panicky! 

But hey, this is not a preview! 

(Also, sorry for the lateness…I was dragging it out!)

Okay, I’m going to be honest here, on first watch through, I wasn’t crazy in love with the idea of Lucifer jumping into the President. I kinda wished it was a really powerful senator, or even the Vice President, because I found myself being dragged out of the moment with random thoughts about Presidential security, and how the boys could get close enough to the President to draw Lucifer out! Or how a President would be able to talk his security detail into driving him to a motel no-tell to rendezvous with his girlfriend…at least in this day and age of hyper vigilance. But hey, they let him fly a plane and fight aliens in Independence Day soooo…..

It was just a little blip on the road (so far) for me, because, hey I can believe nearly everything the show tells me. Sparkle blooded, imaginary friends? Sure, I believe that. There’s a cage in Hell, yup, I’m on board. The Mark of Cain is actually a thing? Ooooh cool idea! God has a sister?! Okay let’s see where that goes! Though when the story is rooted in real life - it makes you examine story stuff a little more closely I guess - but Lucifer is Lucifer and I can’t imagine anyone saying “No” to him…except Sam Fuckin’ Winchester of course, and  I do seriously love the idea that Lucifer traded up and up and up. It’s smart and scary, because imagine who he could trade up into! There are lots of crazies out there! 

I loved how President Lucifer played out; I think the actor did a great job with toying with the deception. I do love how the devil can straight out tell people he’s the devil, and no one ever believes him! And my gosh, sitting him in front of a raging fire while he held his meeting was pure Supernatural genius…one of those fabulous shots our show does so damn well.

I also loved the idea of Lucifer possessing an Archbishop! I mean, he could probably even do it without even lying to get his yes. Because remember he reckons he never lies…. (sure sure Lucifer).  He’d just have to say he’s an angel, because that’s not a lie. Powerful men, no matter who they are, always seem to want more power - it’s an easy ploy and part of the reason I loved Lucifer going after the powerful men. 

That whole opening scene with the crosses spinning as the archbishop walked past was so damn creepy. The music, the glowing eyes…. CREEEEPY! Not to mention the resulting massacre. I do so like it when we see what Lucifer really is - not the sometimes campy, comic - albeit evil comic - relief. I remember how much I dug Lucifer killing all the Gods in Hammer of the Gods - it just seemed so right to see that. There’s a reason he’s the devil, and when we get to see his true colours, it adds power to all other scenes he is in. I love that in season 12 we’ve been reminded of Lucifer's true nature, and our complacency with Lucifer has been given a great big shake!

We finally got to meet Mr Ketch - coming to the assistance of the boys…with a damn grenade launcher! (One day Dean, one day). Ketch was younger than I was expecting, I don’t know why, but I’d pictured him older - even though I had at some point, seen a casting spoiler of the actor! It was interesting that he was moved off his Triumph into a Bentley. Another beautiful British form of transport - but seriously different to the bike! I was expecting him to be more leather clad than Savile Row! He was super posh (as opposed to cor blimey Mick), and groomed and smarmy and smug and instantly untrustworthy. He doesn’t care either way about the boys…which means he won’t care if he’s ordered to kill them, and his disdain for the “angel” was palatable - making perfect sense with what we know about the British Men of Letters and their very black and white view of the supernatural. Imagine when he meets Crowley…though maybe they could compare tailors! (P.S. Crowley most definitely does not wear Armani!)

Ketch’s trunk of goodies was interesting…the British Men of Letters have some neat toys, but then again so do our trusty, plaid clad Men of Letters - they’ve assembled a pretty cool stock of goodies themselves. Personally I’m always going to prefer a good decapitation rather than a yawnfest irradiation of vampires, and I think this was a really cool way to depict how different the two groups work. Sam and Dean are Men of Letters, they are Legacies, but they are also Hunters who know what it is to get their hands dirty and blood soaked. They’re not above that. They’ll do what they need to do, crawl through whatever mud they need to. There is no pretence with them, they don’t consider themselves too good for any of it (on the contrary half the time). It’s the job; they do it. The British Men of Letters on the other hand, are ego personified. Big upping themselves at every turn. They bring in others to do the work they consider beneath them, and as much as they think they know everything and can do everything better, you can tell that in a fight, Sam and Dean would whoop their pasty British asses for exactly that reason. Cool toys or otherwise. Hundreds of years of knowledge or otherwise. Sam and Dean are warriors…I sure don’t get that vibe from the British Men of Letters at all. 

I think Ketch did a very good job of getting the boys to tentatively trust him - he did good leg work in getting them into a position where they may not feel so openly antagonistic towards the British Men of Letters. Everyone is painting Lady Toni as an anomaly - she doesn’t represent how the British Men of Letters work - except we know she does….and Ketch is worse. But Mick dispatching Ketch to the boys’ aid, with exactly the tool they needed, was a very smart, and I think, a very deceptive manipulation. 

Sam has always been someone who can put aside his feelings in order to take the road that best serves the job. We’ve seen him do this again and again, he can take the emotion out of the decision making a lot more easily than Dean can, so though it surprised me, it didn’t shock me that he might reach out for back up, when faced with what appeared on the surface to be insurmountable odds…really, how do you get close to the President? He had second thoughts of course and hung up the phone, but putting the future of the world above his own feelings is very Sam…well it’s very Winchester. Sam’s not afraid of sacrifice, neither of the brothers are, Lord knows we all know that! I figure this was the door that the British Men of Letters needed opened…and Ketch stepped through and played his hand, (I’m still assuming the BMoL are evil shite). Did they know that the devil was on the loose I wonder? If they didn’t, their intel must be pretty damn crap! Now with Lucifer (temporarily) out of the picture, I think the focus is going to be on the Brits for a bit…once we get Sam and Dean out of wherever the hell they are!

I must admit I got a tad confused as to what the hell happened with Lucifer. I loved the end scene - the egg was crazy good, and man, I hope they hang on to that thing because, HANDY! I loved that it was Sam that got to expel Lucifer from Pres Jeff. I absolutely loved that. I loved that there were little jolts of power that kept impacting Sam as he held the egg thing tight - and that he got to tell Lucifer to go to hell, and Dean yelling SAMMMM in the background…yeah I’m always going to love that! But then I’m not sure exactly what happened… Lucifer said it wasn’t over, yep got that, then he went down the vent… Sam and Dean saw him go down the vent, so my take in the moment was that he got out of dodge and is somewhere collecting himself. Probably weakened like when he was ripped from Cas. But then the thing that confused me was Dean saying “We got him, we got Lucifer” and Sam looking amazed and please… Soooo Sam and Dean think he’s back in the cage? Is he back in the cage? Because I think going down a vent was a pretty average way of putting Lucifer back in the cage! I feel like the floor should have opened for that, or that there would be an explosion or something more impressive than just a vent! Maybe? Maybe not? Or are the boys just taking the win - they got him… in that they got him out, they beat him, they got him on the run etc etc. Are they going to be surprised that he’s still on the loose…if indeed he is, or will Crowley go have a peak at the cage and find it Lucifer free, or will he be there and pissed and in Mark Pellegrino, and the vent was just an easy exit route for the spell? Was the whole scene supposed to be inconclusive for us as an audience, because I know I wasn't the only one feeling unsure. I’d really like to know your thoughts on this one, because I’ve chatted about it with a couple of friends and none of us feel completely clear on what the intent of that final scene was - if he's in the cage, or not?

Speaking of escape…. SAM AND DEAN I WANT TO SLAP YOU UPSIDE THE HEAD. Honestly boys, you’ve got the POTUS on the floor - he’s okay, just out cold and with no memory of what happened - you’ve got the Secret Service outside the door…and you’re not escaping? Why again are you not escaping? ARGH! They should have bolted with Cas and the preggers girlfriend! Man. This is not good. This is not good way beyond last time they were caught not good…and of course, like I said, I watched the promo for the next ep and I’m now fretting for our locked up boys! I know they’re going to get sprung (and I read the interview with Dabb who spoke about who helps), so of course they’ll be okay, but seriously, what were they even thinking?!

And speaking of Kelly, the preggers girlfriend, I LOVE that a Nephilim has come into being. This could be a story that we might not even visit again this season, but a thread that can carry through to next season! Or maybe it's what brings Lucifer back into the picture - his kidlet! It’s one of those little plot points that make you go…”Ooooooooooo! Exciting!” I really love it, and can’t wait to see what they do with it. Cas is still way too trusting though…even when he’s more badass and pretty much powered up.

So we finish out the first half of the season with all our recurring characters in play and a couple of new, interesting plot twists and turns, and a couple of big questions. Rowena and Crowley have split - I imagine if they think Lucifer is locked up, they'll be detaching themselves from the Winchesters again...for now...unless Crowley and mum help out with the boys' escape! Kelly and her baby are in the wind - I betcha Cas is all over that one! We still have Mary out there, and wherever the hell her story is going, the British Men of Letters are lurking in the shadows ready to pounce having slightly ingratiated themselves with our trusty heroes, and apparently they will be back being momentarily “helpful”, and the boys...the boys are locked up in a very bad place…LOCKED UP AND SEPARATED…oh my gosh that kills me…. KILLS ME!

And Dean had the best line ever….

Kelly “No no you’re making it up it’s impossible”
Dean “Well, to be fair, so is teleporting…but…ta daaaa” 

OMG. Have I told you lately how much I love him?

Oh and favourite bit.... Sam and Dean huddling behind Baby. LOVE!

Have a wonderful Christmas/Holiday time! Stay safe and warm, or cool dependent on where you live…and keep those feels together for the next 5 weeks! We’re back January 26 (27th for me), and don't forget we're at the earlier time of 8!

Here’s the promo for the next ep…just in case you need it.


Monday, 19 December 2016

Leylin Vixen's Quick Draw Recap - LOTUS


Opening words

I guess this is it. The last Supernatural episode for this year, the next will air in January. Time flew by fast this year and the midseason finale was upon us before we even knew it. This season has been great with Mary returning and the stories we have gotten. I mean come on! We got Sam and Dean in leather jackets and Hitler. We were introduced to the mysterious Mr. Ketch and an interesting hunter named Asa Fox. There was a lot more also so I can’t wait what we will get in the future episodes next year. 


Title: Lotus
Episode: 12.08
First aired: December 8, 2016
Directed by: Phil Sgriccia
Written by: Eugenie Ross-Leming and Brad Buckner
Monster: Lucifer
Location(s): St. Louis, Missouri
                    Lebanon, Kansas
                    Boca Raton, Florida
                    Indianapolis, Indiana


In last episode Lucifer hopped out of Vince Vincente and continued to hop through vessels. His vessels continued to be from positions of power and there we lift off. Billionaire businessman Wallace Parker has been killed and Sam and Dean head out to the morgue to find out what has happened. They bump into Cas and Crowley who have beaten them to it. They tell the boys that Parker was possessed by Lucifer. Back at the bunker Sam searches for information and discovers that Lucifer seem to have hopped into the archbishop of St. Louis. The brothers head out to the archdiocese of St. Louis and find a massacre and an exorcism which has gone very badly.

Lucifer has killed almost everyone and has left the bishop jumping into the President of the United States - President Jefferson Rooney who gives him permission. Rooney helps Lucifer to become presidential but a Secret Service agent hears  them talking and he is killed. The President is very religious man and even if Lucifer is technically an archangel he is still Satan and an unholy being. For him to solve a problem is nuking the opponent and even if he claimed  it was a joke, he was not joking. Meanwhile Team Free Will is trying to find out where Lucifer has skipped to and is shocked by the brutality of his attacks. 

The next morning Lucifer finds out that his vessel is the most popular sitting president in recent years, and he also discovers that the President has a girlfriend, who he ends up having sex with - Presidential assistant, Kelly. Kelly dreams about their future and from their talk Lucifer gets the idea of having a "child' with her. Crowley has a contact in the President's entourage and he finds out that the dead secret service agent did not die by natural means. Sam is annoyed by Crowley as usual, but he tells the brothers that Lucifer has possessed the President.

Lucifer knows the gang is after him so he puts his secret agents on them, meanwhile Sam decides to call Mick from the Men of Letters. He hangs up the call before Mick answers though. The team think of a plan that seems to be grasping at straws. Meanwhile Crowley gets Rowena to assist by blasting her fiancĂ© to bloody pulp. This scene was hilarious! 

Lucifer moves forward with his plan to become a father and Cas reacts to this because the angel radio goes wild. A Nephilim is in the making and it is not an ordinary one because of the amount of energy it gives out. It is the spawn of Lucifer. The good guys head out and Crowley heads out to search for the girlfriend. The trio is caught by the agents until Mr. Ketch arrives to save the day - he fires his grenade launcher at the agents’ car. It is so WRONG that Dean was not able to use it first, poor guy! Mr Ketch came because Sam’s phone call to Mick and he has in his possession a lot of gadgets! One of them is a hyperbolic pulse generator which is used for exorcising demons, and Sam wonders if it can be used against Lucifer too.  

They use Kelly as bait after they have totally traumatised her with the news of what her baby is. Lucifer arrives after the room has been cleared by the agents. Kelly tells him that she doesn’t want to keep the baby and Lucifer tries to kill her. The trap works and Sam exorcises Lucifer with the egg and the help of Rowena. Lucifer vows that it's not be over. Cas takes Kelly to safety, but Sam and Dean are caught by the agents. Kelly gives Cas the slip, because she wants to keep the baby.



All the characters were great but that being said I was sometimes puzzled and some things felt weird to me. The last part could be because my origins, and like you know, people see things differently. The President being religious was fine but the praying etc. and kneeling felt very extreme for me. But what really bothered me is Castiel’s on/off powers that seem to not always be consistent. One thing I am sure of, he can’t teleport but he SHOULD have the rest of his powers, right? If somebody can make sense of it for me I would be grateful!

Crowley and Rowena were a hoot and their opening scene together was priceless. Mr. Ketch or should I call him Ketch, Arthur Ketch, got one of the best intros ever to Supernatural where we finally saw his face. He is also trouble with capital T. There is no doubt about it.  We didn't get to see the President a lot. Just the small moment of him being a religious man, and Lucifer as President didn't really do it for me. It wasn't because the actor, because the last scene and the confrontation with Sam, that was awesome.

Rick Sanchez had potential and I fully expect him to be more up and front when Supernatural returns. Kelly Kline on the other hand as the President's mistress seemed a little superficial, though that could just be me. I suspect we will see her again. The bishop was pretty creepy so it is a shame Lucifer did not stay longer in him and the poor priest that got killed, again a shame. He could have been a priest ally for the boys in some cases or against Lucifer.

Here is the list of the cast with the boys. Like I said there was many.

Mr. Ketch
President Jefferson Rooney
Rick Sanchez
Kelly Kline
Archbishop of St. Louis

Set design

We had the usual bunker setting but also wealthy designed house where in real life Prince William and Kate Middleton stayed in. It was pretty great. Also we had a motel room and a diner that had small scenes, the creepy scenes in archdiocese of St. Louis and another morgue. Crowley also meets the woman in a garage yard looking place. But lets talk about first the house where most of the scenes were shot and the President was staying.

We first see the house from the Presidential bedroom; nice, simple design that opens up to the outside from double doors. And the secret agent is staying in a smaller TV room where you can also see to the halls. A lot of the rooms are connected to the pool outside and conference room that has huge fireplace. The simple and modern design continues in every room. From outside the house looks like a fortress with its scale. I also love the autumn colours that frame the house. The patio and the pool are absolutely gorgeous. 

The Archdiocese of St. Louis was the second one that caught the viewers eyes. It was the opposite to modern with old style dark wood colours, statues, oil paintings with golden frames on the wall. The decor is pretty old school almost standing still through time. The glass painted windows adding some eerie light to the scene. It is almost too big of a contradiction when we see a state of the art computer in the priest's room. The rugs and stairs heading up with the wooden railing just add to the old feel. The staircase seems familiar so I am not sure it has not been used before.


We didn't get much different costume designs in this episode that we have seen but some props were more interesting than normal. Mr. Ketch got to use the grenade launcher in this episode (to Dean's dismay). Sam will probably hear as much about that as Hitler! But he also had other stuff in his disposal. A weapon that makes the blood of a vampire their own enemy. The demon bomb which was cool. After we saw the pocket watch with Hitler's soul this season I was expecting similar gadget. Or do you remember the Werther box? MoL gadgets can be awesome.

If I am not mistaken here is some details about Mr. Ketch's car which caught my eye. I like the Impala and motorcycles more but I can value beauty also. And this car is more made for speed than driving slow don't you think?

"Bentley Continental GT Speed black edition is available for both coupe and convertible, the customers’ choice of body colour is complimented by a high gloss black finish to the exterior brightware, including the window openings and lamp bezels.

All-black 21” five-spoke directional wheels cover distinctive brake callipers, which can be specified in red or black finishes. To add a further unique and striking twist, the Black Edition also features contrast colours to the front splitter, side skirts and rear diffuser in four different shades: Hallmark, Beluga, St James Red and a new shade, Cyber Yellow. Customers can also choose to colour-match the door mirrors as a final exterior accent.

Inside, the mix of dark tones and vivid highlights continues. Carbon fibre adorns the fascia, centre and roof consoles to create a dark opulent ambiance while a dedicated Black Edition colour split sees the seats and centre console bordered by contrasting leather, available in Porpoise, Beluga, Pillar Box Red or new Cyber Yellow to match the exterior styling accents. Corresponding contrast stitching accentuates the diamond quilting of the doors and Mulliner GT Design seats."


There was only one song in Lotus and that was Take Five by Dave Brubeck. It was playing in Ketch's car when he arrived and helped the boys. It is not the usual music I listen to but I kinda liked it. So here's a part of it.

"Won't you stop and take
A little time out with me
Just take five
Stop your busy day
And take the time out
To see if I'm alive"

Here is the short +/- rundown for Lotus

+ Mr. Ketch introduction 
+ Crowley & Rowena, sweetest thing
+ Grenade launcher
+ Humour
+ Sam exorcising Lucifer with help
+ Creepy slaughter story
+ New lore
+ Sam and Dean getting caught
+ Story possibilities 

- Dean wasn’t the one to use the grenade launcher
- Sometimes weird pacing
- The woman running away
- Too much Lucifer
- Sam and Dean getting caught 
- Some parts too religious for my taste 
- Bloody Hellatus!

-/+ Nephilim story

Sam and Dean jumping behind protective Baby

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! See you in six weeks.